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My research has revealed a tremendous amount of information related to the laws and their application to state, county and city governments. Some of this mess is a little confusing. On the subject of "Deep Gravel Base" roadways, have thus far been able to receive a definitive answer at to its definition and the responsibility for designation of "frost law" roadways. If you know or or are a person that has useful knowledge on these questions, PLEASE share. Regarding Michigan roads:

  1. What is the state definition of a "DEEP GRAVEL BASE"?
  2. What is the purpose of a "DEEP GRAVEL BASE"?
  3. How does #2 apply to the seasonal weight restrictions found in MCL257.722(8)
  4. Who is the person or entity that has legal authority or responsibility to designate "frost law roadways"?
  5. Can a city apply a frost law to a roadway?
  6. What is the standard that a city must adhere to before appplying a frost law to a road? Tests, studies, inspections, evaluations etc...

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