Frost Law Rip Off

Fixing "Illegal" tickets

Prosecuting Attorney Lawrence J. Coogan threatens arrest and has man removed from negotion after man requested a hearing with Judge.

This is an official complaint page against Attorney Lawrence J Coogan, whose law firm is located at: 
146 Oakwood
Melvindale, MI 48122.

Mr. Coogan doubles as the city prosecutor for the city of Melvindale. In my very short exposure to him, I discovered that Lawrence Coogan is a very pompus, child like bully that yells and throws a tantrum at the thought resistance. Instead of introducing himself and engaging in a discussion on the merits of the citation that we were there to discuss, Mr. Coogan became beligerant when I requested that they reconsider the ticket based on the city's failed compliance to law. Hell, the man even threatened to have me arrested. Now how is THAT for pompus?

When you walk into his acceptance room you should understand that you are not appearing to argue the merits of your position or defend against the citation that you received but rather that you are there merely to accept what ever amount of money Lawrence and the officer say that you should pay. They don't even want to hear your argument, they just want to discuss what you will pay.

I found our entire experience in the 24th district court to be unprofessional and ridiculously close to an vacation of our constitutional righs to due process. In short, its a sham. It's a money grab. And that's all that it is.


I walk into the negotiation room. Officer Slaughter provides a chair next to himself at the end of a long table. Seated at the other end of the table are two gentlemen in suits and a third person is standing. I had no idea who any of these individuals were. This is our conversation almost verbatim.
Officer Slaughter: (while looking through a pile of paperwork) Ok, what are we doing today.
Me: Dismissing this.
Prosecutor: Y'eh. Keep dreaming.
Me: (look at prosecutor surprised at his comment because I don't know who he is and he seemed to be working on something else with the people next to him)
Officer Slaughter: Well, that's not going to happen.
Me: (While pulling paperwork from my own folder to offer the officer) Well then we'll have to request a hearing before the Judge.
Officer Slaughter: (Seeming a little agitated) Well if that's what you want.... Can you do it today? 
Me: Sure.
Are you an attorney?
Me: No.
Prosecutor Coogan: What's he in here for.
Officer Slaughter: Frost law.
Prosecutor Coogan: (In a very cocky and condescending tone) Good luck, I haven't lost a frost law ticket in 8 years.
Me to Officer slaughter: (still wondering who this guy) Do you even want to see my documentation?
Officer Slaughter: No.
Prosecutor: Mumbles something else from his end of the table.
Me to prosecutor: Excuse me, who are you?
Prosecutor: (Yelling) I'm the Prosecutor! you know what, you can wait out in the hall. I'm not puttin up with this. Get out into the hall!
Me: (Calmly, at first) Why are you yelling at me?
Prosecutor: (yelling) Get out, I'm not dealing with. 
Me: (Now yelling) Who in the hell do you think you are? You can sit at the other end of the table mumbling your smart assed comments and then you want to get pissed because I ask who you are??? 
Prosecutor:(Yelling louder) Get out into the hall right now or I'm going to have you arrested.
Me: (Yelling) ARRESTED FOR WHAT????
My safety director ushered me into the hallway.
The end result was this. The prosecutor and Officer Slaughter completely ignored and refused to accept MCL257.726 which states that you can restrict and limit weight but that you SHALL post signage in compliance with section 608.
While dealing with my associate, they review the documents that I'd prepared and tole her that they documents were "garbage". Look at the document for yourself and tell me if you think its' garbage. See Document
Please explain how this is not bullying. This prosecutor seem to explode at the thought of me challenging the issuance of their citation. Hey, Mr Googan, I don't know where you studied law or if you even studied but I am an american and this process within you abuse, is chocked full of my rights. You trampled them then you forced $1,200 out of my associate. I brought them a document full of "LAW" and they said that it was "GARBAGE".

This dude is the Melvindale Michigan Prosecuting Attorney???????? Your behavior breeds contempt for the process that exists in 24th district court.