Frost Law Rip Off

Fixing "Illegal" tickets

Melvindale Michigan City Prosecutor

The Bully Mentality

Prosecutor Coogan, I am a U.S. Citizen. Yelling was unnecessary. As a citizen, I decided to read the laws that that are posted on the state website that is paid for with my tax dollars. No, I am not an attorney. IF in the "negotiation" phase of this appearance, you thought that my information was incorrect, then you were well within your rights to inform me otherwise OR allow me to go in front of the Judge as was requested. Instead, you guys did not want to discuss anything. You were hell bent on collecting cash. Any request for the judicial process was met with yelling and threats of arrest. WOW.

Lacking Professionalism

Prosecutor Lawrence Coogan, I entered a room, did not know who your were and began a close quarters conversation with Officer Slaughter. You randomly chimed in with smart ass remarks without joining the conversation. You took offense to me asking you who you were? The errogance and over confidence with which you conduct yourself is shameful and extremely unprofessional. You should reread you code of ethics. If you were really in control, you could have accomplished anything that you wanted without yelling, even having me removed. 

Questionable History With City Of Melvindale

more to come.

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