Frost Law Rip Off

Fixing "Illegal" tickets

Taylor Michigan

Leander tried explaining to the Taylor Police Officer Raboczkay, just how ridiculous his ticket was and the officer insisted that they (the police department) were correct. Officer  Raboczkay continued to insist this even though he could not find one single document to support his claims. 

This is a section of the ticket that this driver received. As you can see, by normal loading standards, this driver was not over weight. The amount of this ticket is staggering to a driver and company. This is nothing more than a revenue grab. 

If the cities were so concerned with protecting the roadways, then they would post signs which would keep most of the trucks off of the road. It should be noted that this section of Inkster road sits at the foot of the largest industrial park in Taylor. 

This stretch also has two wharehouses and a truck repair facility. (Pictured below) Yes, there is about 70 trailers in the parking lot of these companies. How are they supposed to conduct business on a road that prohibits most of much of their traffic.

More to come.